VNXe Remote Protection Suite

VNXe Remote Protection Suite software protects data against localized failures, outages, and disasters on VNXe storage systems. This software suite includes VNX Replicator, which provides multi-site protection and simplifies administration with easy-to-define business policies.

  • Simplified Creation: Easily create a point-in-time copy of a production file system on either a local or geographically remote VNXe system.
  • Quick Recovery: Integration with VMware Site Recovery Manager facilitates easy and quick failover and fallback of virtual infrastructures.
  • IP-based Replication: Use of standard IP-based networks for maintaining consistent replicas between sites.
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Technical Specifications:

Solution For Consolidation
Remote Offices
Product Series VNXe
Product Type Software
Solution Size (Users) 100 to 499 users
500 to 1,000 users
Software Focus Data Protection
Replication Management
Storage Arrays VNXe3100
Product VNX Products